Welcome to P.O Cars Inc.

It's not about your car it's about keeping your life moving smoothly. We understand the people depend on their cars for every day life: getting to work, shuttling our kids, running errands, visiting family and friends, and so on. So when your car is involved in a car collision, our entire lives are put on hold, making it a hassle to deal with. Services such as towing, auto repairs, rentals, insurance and estimates, the stress can be overwhelming and we know that.

At P.O Cars we do everything in our power to take that hassle and stress out of the situation. Our focus is not to let the accident interrupt your daily life but to get your daily life going and your car repaired 100% right. Faster than anyone else in the industry, having the best technicians and working with the best equipment in our body shop.

We arrange everything for you from the moment of your accident to towing your vehicle and getting your rental on the spot. Repairing your car right and delivering it to your door so your daily life goes on like nothing ever happened. In the end we are proud of what we do and we are committed to excellence. Most customers receive a lifetime warranty at the repairing P.O cars facility. It's just our part of what gives you the confidence and ultimate peace of mind.